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Accuracy, reliability and discretion are our top priority. As an owner-managed company, we are a strong business partner for satisfied customers and candidates in the complete consulting process and beyond.

AB Graphic International GmbH abgint.de
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Coorstek Advanced Materials Mönchengladbach coorstek.com
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Dyson GmbH dyson.de
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SAINT-GOBAIN Ceramic Materials Weilerswist GmbH - SiC-Department     saint-gobain.de
SAINT-GOBAIN Performance Plastics Isofluor GmbH isofluor.de
SAINT-GOBAIN Performance Plastics Pampus GmbH saint-gobain-bearing.com
SAINT-GOBAIN Technical Fabrics Europe sgtf.com
SAINT-GOBAIN Vetrotex Deutschland GmbH vetrotextextiles.com
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